Love it!

I’m working on a new novel, and this app is awesome for helping me organize my thoughts & notes. One of my writing friends showed me Scrivener on her Mac last summer; I’ve wanted it for myself ever since. Very excited about working with S for W.

Oh, definitely! I was always jealous, too – not so much anymore. :laughing:

The organizational tools are great. Beats having folders full of notes scattered all over the place (I’m, ah, not very organized by nature).

I love it too! I just posted in my NaNoWiMo region’s forum telling them all about the Windows Beta. Definitely putting $$ down for this when its full speed. :smiley:

Must say I am liking it too.

Only issues I’ve had so far (other than writer’s block when using it xD) are that the text often lags. If I try to type more than 4-5 words at a time, it freezes after the third word, and takes a minute to load it all, which can be a pain if you forget what you just typed (after three sentences). Also the spell check I’ve turned off, as it’s dictionary is well screwy (the forge is not incorrect. Or rather, the ‘he fo’ part of it is not a mistake Scrivener, it’s two words… xD)

But other than these, it’s all good for me. And I’m doing my darndest to win Nano to get the discount as I’m defo buying ti when released next year. ^^

I’m new to this, but very satisfied so far. Very easy to learn and use. So much nicer than notebooks and loose papers cluttering. Tried a different program, but very quickly deleted it and returned to S/W! Love it!

I agree with everyone else here. Scrivener is making this year’s NaNoWriMo effort so much better than last year’s! I’m not always a very linear writer, and being able to have index cards for scenes that I can shuffle around at will and view in Scrivening’s mode as one long document is made of 100% pure win.

I’ve been pretty quiet on the board mostly because, aside from the lag issue, I haven’t had any problems to report. I’ve been able to get around the lag issue by not jumping around too much from document to document within my project, and if i do I shut down and restart. Not perfect, but for a Beta release it isn’t bad at all.

I’ve also noticed that my font setting don’t appear to be saved after I close the program. Font color and strength (bold, italic, etc) seem fine, but the face/size always reverts to Verdana size 8 for paragraphs and MS Shell Dlg 2 size 8 for the blank lines between them. When I’m typing paragraphs automatically indent, but after closing/reopening they aren’t indented anymore. It’s not a big deal (and probably related to a chosen template that I don’t remember), but I figured I’d mention it.

Backing up to zip has been working beautifully, and the program hasn’t actually crashed even once. (Yet… it probably will now that I’ve typed that.) I’m using it on a netbook, and while I love my netbook it isn’t exactly a full-on gaming computer with all kinds of bells and whistles. Scrivener is running like a dream.

I think I’m in love. :smiley:

Wish Item:
In the “Project Targets” window I wish I could see the number of words I’ve written during the session along with the status bar. Also, I wish the meter would display the actual percent over 100. (For example, if I write double my session writing target the meter should be full, and it should read 200% at the edge of it. As of now it never goes above 100%)

It would also be nice if it could track a daily target as opposed to a session target (or maybe as well as?), because closing the program means losing that data.