Love scrivener, but not your updates

First, your product has helped me immensely, and for that I thank you. I dumped Copywrite for your product. But it took a long time to get my preferences set up just right…fonts, window size, full-screen settings, etc…and your update blew them all away. So needless to say I won’t be updating until I see that one of the updated features is preservation of settings on update!

Dear Whafrog,

Unfortunately, you got caught up in a request Keith (the developer) responded to from many users. Many wanted to be able to retain Prefs across computers, and in order to accomplish that, Keith changed the prefs system. Which meant for the one update (from 101 to 102 or 103) the inconvenience you experienced occurred. The good news is that now you can save a huge range of prefs including export and printing prefs, and call various prefs settings up at will. It’s really a significant improvement.

As you say, Scriv is a writer’s dream, and I’d hate for your opinion to be soured by this one experience. Keith is a fantastic and highly responsive developer. He’s away on a well-deserved vacation until Sunday or Monday, and I’m sure will respond to you personally when he returns.

Hope this helps,


As Tim mentioned, this was a one-time thing, and it is well-documented in the release notes that this will happen. There was a lot of moaning about the way settings were saved, so I did my best to accommodate most users. Obviously it is impossible to please everbody.

Thanks for the explanation, makes sense.

No problem. You won’t have the same problem with 1.04, promise. :slight_smile: