Love, the movie, and the real world

Have you never been in love with a character seen acting on the big screen, in the dark of a cinema theatre?

What if, by reading the curriculum of the young actor/actress, you discover that his/her character was strongly inspired to his/her real life?

More, what if he/she looks a lot like your lost beloved, with the same way of speaking, walking and relationing with the others?

Here – I’m in love. I shouldn’t have read her biography. I will not sleep all night long, and tomorrow I will be in piece for the usual hopeless love.

BTW, the movie is one of the few really beautiful coming out of the recent Italian industry in recent years. I strongly recommend it. It is called “Tutta la vita davanti” (The whole life in front of you) by Paolo Virzì. Whisper with me.


She doesn`t have have a head of gorgeous shoulder length auburn ringlets, and freckles, does she?

You`re just a Romantic April Fool, Paolo :wink:

But what are the nuns doing? :open_mouth: :wink: :slight_smile:

Never mind that, Sabrina Ferilli’s in it! Fancy a double date, Paolo? :wink:

(NB: do not google “Sabrina Ferilli” while at work.)

It’s a bitter movie, but deeply Italian. So, there is always someone dancing in a sunny day. The nuns are in the opening scene, when all Rome is dancing in the early morning.

There is never a right time to google for Sabrina Ferilli…

The April Romantic Fool

Yeah…but has she got any freckles? 8)
[size=50]Youre not allowed to say, "With what shes got, she doesn`t need freckles!"[/size]

I don’t believe so, but I guess this is the kind of investigation that I would be happy to be in charge to do. (Uhm, I’m sure I read somewhere that this forum was supposed to be free of trivial jokes…)


You don`t have to look far, Paolo, to unearth a killjoy :frowning:

Ah, yes, dear friend. Many times. On the small screen, too! It happens to women all the time. Think of how many of us girls lost our hearts to Matthew Macfadyen or Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, or Richard Armitage as John Thornton! :open_mouth: It’s a sign of a feeling heart - a very good thing!

So, I smile knowingly, and raise a toast to a fellow romantic! :slight_smile:

Sounds like a Recruitment Drive Advert for Nymphos Anonymous
Le D :smiling_imp:

I fell in love with Laura Croft when she first arrived on the scene

I fell deeper in lust when Angelina Jolie was cast as her in the movie(s).

Imagine my disappointment when She chose Brad over me. She won’t return my calls anymore now that Brad is around.


Nope! Sorry to disappoint! :wink:

Laura Croft

Lara Croft

This should probably be in the pedant thread…

Merde!!!..Merde!! The story of my miserable wretched life :cry:

Le`D :imp:

Msieur Antony please tell me that isnt the SAS Trooper you re engaged to… :open_mouth:

Heh! No, just the first lady I found on the net called Laura Croft. The Lara/Laura thing always bugs me. They don’t even sound the same!

Many times.
Especially with Amelie.

And Sissi from Der Krieger, Die Kaiserin

The nuns were the one thing I DIDN’t wonder about in that preview. :smiley:

Oh well.


Thank you for clearing that up for me (spelling) :slight_smile:

I am know for my atrocious use of the english language and I am known for bastardizing not only proper grammar but spelling as well.

As you can se by the photos you presented I did mean the latter one. :slight_smile:

Ohh Angelina Jolie with a gun.


I admit I preferred the first Lara Croft. She looked like a beautiful, ordinary woman. Now she is given the face of a superstar (no less a synthesis product than the original…). She was something special, being extraordinary in a natural way; now she looks to me like a rather conventional pop icon.

Probably, my preferred 3D Lara Croft has been Vanessa Demouy. Maybe too delicate to be Lara, but so nice that I will not publicly complain…