Love this program!

Okay so this is the feedback forum and I thought I would start off with my first post at how awesome this program is. Obviously I like to write a lot of stories (fanfics) mainly in spare time and I have been searching for a program that would help me organize my thoughts and research and compile on my notes and documents in all one program. After a google search 5 days ago I came across Scrivener through the search result list and read it on the web site here.

Can I just say how amazing this is? I love that I can compile all my scenes into different pages and not have huge long documents. I can map out my characters in the character section and plan out the places that will be involved in my story using the places folder in the binder section. Obviously I am still exploring the software and discovering new stuff about the program all the time as I am using it currently as a trial. :slight_smile: I do plan on buying it though once the trial period is over, or maybe even before then! :slight_smile: Just wanted to say it’s been a real gem for my writing purposes! :slight_smile:

An unreserved ‘me too!’ on the above.

Among the most amazing features with Scrivener is that everything you could possibly want seems to already be there – you just have to look for it.

I’m very fond of the option to have a topical image as a background in Composition mode (what used to be more readily identifiable Full Screen mode). Only, sometimes I have wished that it would be possible to nudge the text area over to either side, since many images have the main subject towards the middle.

Today I happened to look closer at the pop up menu bar at the bottom. And guess what? Whoa – there’s an option (Paper Position, scond from the left) to have the text window either to the right or the left in addition to centred! Like so:

Scrivener is a treasure trove without equal. Thank you, ‘not Kevin’ = Keith!


The composition mode is so beautiful and discovered that I could transparent the page text I was working on, to see the background flow through while writing. Yeah I love that transparency and full screen feature. Makes working on my work so much cleaner without the distractions of the Mac Desktop.

I have yet to explore all features while I work on this project, but I may look at doing the tutorial project this week too so that I can look at all features and explore them in more detail. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to buying soon! :slight_smile:

You most certainly can! :slight_smile: Many thanks to you both for your kind words - as I pick up my beer and prepare to clock off for Friday evening, this is a very nice way to end the week!

All the best,

No worries. It’s a great piece of software that I intend on buying soon! :slight_smile:

Should be thanking you again for creating a marvellous piece of software :slight_smile:

And as usual - looks so beautiful on a Mac. :slight_smile:

Thank you for writing this program! It is of great help!


Hey Kevin,

Anyone send you package of … stage graffiti yet?

Less than 24 hours and I am back to pushing buttons. Man I need a life.

Just to update - loved it so much - that I purchased the software license :stuck_out_tongue: Love this software to much to let it expire on me! haha

All the best,

I published a month ago on Kindle. After reading all the formatting horror stories over on the Amazon KDP forums, I can’t tell how lucky we are to have Scrivener. Literally two clicks and I had a professional-looking, Kindle-format ebook ready for upload.

Good work fella!

Thanks Hassata! And congratulations on finishing and publishing your work to Amazon!
All the best,