Love vs Hate

Check this one here! It’s for you to express yourselves on state of affairs and to influence on them. Are you in sympathy with the girl that is newbie to your neighborhood or your school? You hate your boss that will never raise you salary no matter how hard you work? Tell the whole world about it! Discuss whatever you wish here!

I’ve moved this to general conversation, and incidentally, people should be warned that as with any free-form public bulletin board (that is seemingly completely lacking any form of community driven or administrative driven moderation), there can be a great deal of imagery and text which some might consider offensive.

I would say the lower decks of Scrivener is the place for good old fashioned pseudo: twaddle; garbage(rubbish); slash and burn character assassination(s); philosophising; deft coruscating cut and thrust of scintillating debating, and examining of all things pertinent to the Worlds well being in general, and specific terms. If youll pardon my French, this shit! We don`t need!

Im just off to check I havent downloaded a Trojan or two, or key-logger, or tree feller, or whatever theyre called. Dont want them clashing with the ones I`ve already got :confused:
Take care



What computer are you using again? Because if it is running OSX or any other unix derivative you are wasting your time. On the other hand that means you are not here bothering everyone else so get to work. Check every thing 4 times just to be certain you are safe.

'Safe’ is boring :confused: I like living close to the edge :smiling_imp:

Use your computer in the bathtub to really saddle up to that edge. :slight_smile:

No, no need to waste the computer. Just take the power cord in with you. Remember to leave one end plugged into the wall.

.–. …-. …-. …-. …-. .-. .-. - !!

:open_mouth: Whatever next? Braille! Being used in a literature forum. The posibilities are endless. Just can’t seem to feel the bumps. :frowning: Darn flippin monitors no good. I do need one of those 48" touchscreens after all. :smiling_imp:

Cheltenham Braille, or to the rest of the world Morse Code!
Y cant feel the bumps because youre probably hung over!!
Go see Scrivs doctor. Dont want you bringing on-shore transmittable diseases, back on-board. :imp:

Hung over? :open_mouth: Isn’t that the ill effects, contracted when the body finds itself lacking the drink of the Gods? Heh heh me laddy, what kinda fool do you think I am? As for seeing the ship’s doc, You nae need worry yerself there, I traded myself one of those witch doctors, for a packet of cigarettes. (Cheap ones, don’t worry.) while out in… erm, God, where was it again? Sorry, sorry, silly me, it was before yesterday… how the hell am I meant to remember that. Anyway, she’s given me the once over this morning and everything seems ship shape and donkey fashion. :smiley:

Obviously, your sojourn elsewhere, has: done you no favours; not enhanced your worth to the the rest of the crew (in particular), one iota; the rest of Humanity in general, likewise.
Wot we gonna do with y`? :confused:

:frowning: I agree wholeheartedly vic. I feel I’ve let the crew down. I’ve gallivanted my way around erm… God knows where, caring not a sausage that I might be needed. To top it all off, on my return, I’ve been less than accomodating. In all honesty, I think I’ve let myself down, the crew down, even the chef down… sniff… I’ve let the bally lot of you down and I’d like to make ammends. :laughing: Firstly though, I feel this crime, yes, I do say ‘crime’, must not go unpunished. I’m no expert, but my monkey here (worth the whole packet of cigarettes) suggests some time to reflect on my wrongdoings, in the erm… in the rum hold. Hold on, hold on… sorry, monkey says solitary time… about two weeks should do it, I think. :mrgreen:

Solitary confinment, in the ’ Rum Hold’, would be seen by most of the crew, as Nirvana, and not a retributive measure, leading to possible rehabilitation, and thereby reabsorption into,‘Le Corps du Servir d`Equipier’.

A more appropriate and punitive course of action, will be: to sentence you to remain, "At Liberty’, condemned to ‘Freely wander the decks of Scrivener’, rubbing shoulders with…uughh!! one shudders to think about it yeurrk! :open_mouth:…the rest of the crew.

I`ve come over all faint!

With them? :open_mouth: Hold on a darn minute. Please, reconsider, I beg you vic. I hardly think the punishment reflects the crime. It’s not like I committed deicide! I wished to atone, not be cast into the depths of hell. :cry:

Upon Reflection and having just brought up my dinner, at the very thought of it, I entirely agree! It goes right against my Liberalistic/Pacifistic/Humanitarian instincts :open_mouth:

How about we ask Cap`n Keef if he can arrange a double dose of Keelhauling?

I’m glad to see commonsense has won through and your Liberalistic/Pacifistic/Humanitarian :open_mouth: side has shone so brightly. I agree wholeheartedly and look forward to my renewed judgement. :smiley:


If you truly wanted to punish him you should have made him use VISTA to surf the internet for 1 week.

Eldritch, don’t mind the dog. During his hay days he was a big hero … re=related