loving 2.0.2, but...

i’m really enjoying working in 2.0.2. i haven’t waded into all of scrivener’s new features–but it’s a rocking upgrade. worth every paypal penny. :slight_smile:

i’m not having any luck getting any kind of hey-there’s-my-desktop-under-there page transparency in fullscreen mode, though. i’ve looked all over the various prefs and menus (in both modes), checked the help pdf and the forums…

still no luck.

i’m using scrivener 2.0.2 on a macbook pro running snow leopard 10.6.6.

my fullscreen mode prefs are: white background color, 150% page zoom, 100% page width.

my apologies if i’m missing something obvious. i mean well, but i do that sometimes. :slight_smile:

Actually, I don’t think what you want, the way you’ve got your full screen set up, has a completely obvious solution. (Or maybe it’s there, but I always go for the complicated answer. Ah well.) Basically, in full screen you have two parts to the area behind your text: the paper and the background. The paper is the column behind the text; the background is what shows on either side–defaults are a sort of creamy pink color for the paper and black for the background. Normally you can fade the background so that you’d be able to see your desktop as you want, but the paper behind the text doesn’t change. In your case, since your paper is set to the width of the entire screen, you don’t have any “background” to fade–it’s all just the paper now–so adjusting the background fade slider isn’t doing anything.

However, there’s a workaround: if you choose to use a backdrop in full screen mode, then the “background fade” slider changes to a “paper fade” slider so that you can adjust the paper transparency to show the image behind it. If you use a completely transparent image for your backdrop, then effectively this will do what you want: when you fade the paper, you’ll see through the invisible backdrop image to your desktop.

So. To that end, here’s a 1x1 px transparent png for all your desktop viewing needs. :slight_smile: Just go to View>Full Screen Backdrop>Choose… and select it per project.

(Now we wait for someone to come along and show us both the really obvious answer…)


Glad you’re liking 2.0 so far! The full screen backdrop transparency is controlled via the control bar at the bottom of full screen - move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and it will pop up (the slider in the preferences sets the default transparency for new projects).

Does that help, or am I missing something?

Thanks and all the best,

Right, but it controls the background not the paper, and if the paper is set to 100% then you don’t see the background change at all. The only way I know of getting the paper to fade is to have a backdrop in place, hence my workaround.

Now, I don’t really know why you’d necessarily want to fade out 100%-width paper so that you’re writing directly over your desktop, but that’s not the point. :slight_smile: If you didn’t have an open window behind it, it’d be like using a backdrop but it’d just be your desktop image instead. Anyway, this still works kind of snazzily if you make the page width smaller, since the background then is invisible, allowing you to see through to your desktop if you have notes open, etc., and letting you control the level of transparency of the paper so that you can have it partially opaque but still see your beautiful desktop. Voila.

Sorry, you’re right - I missed the fact that the op has a 100% page width. That is obviously the problem!

thank you both.

that’s quite the workaround, MM. especially since it works. :slight_smile: