Loving but wondering).

After 4 months with Scrivener, I love it, and I’m in the process of migrating everything from Google Docs (Migrating docs into Scrivener, backing Scriv files up in Dropbox, and then creating e-reader files so that I can have my files away from the computer that Scrivener is installed on, for reference as I write in whatever offline program available to me on my phone or iPod Touch with a Bluetooth keyboard).

That sentence had no grace. Sigh.

What I am wondering… I keep reading about wonderful, fabulous features in Scrivener - but quickly find out after checking in my (yes, current and updated) version, that they are available for Mac, not Win. Are the extended features of Scrivener that are available in Mac being developed for Win?

I still love it, I’ll still stay with it, it’s fulfilling my basic needs - but I’m consumed with jealousy over what the Mac users have available to them, which would make me a very ecstatic writer.

And no, the simple solution to go from being a Win user to a Mac user isn’t one that is available or possible for me.


Thanks for signing up on the forums; don’t overly worry yourself over grace, we use that as a doormat around here. :slight_smile:

You’re right, the Windows version isn’t caught up with the Mac version yet (that’s just because one is a number of years older than the other, and we had to start somewhere, and it’s those basic needs that we wanted to get nailed down first). Rest assured, development on the Windows version is unceasing, and ever building onward to catch up. Pretty much everything you’ve seen is already planned for, it’s just a matter of getting it done. Keep watching for updates, because new stuff is always coming out.

Just curious, what is Mac/Win/Linux Scrivener user’s share of the pie, approximately?