Loving iOS app but have compile question


I’m loving the new iOS app since I just switched from a MAC to an iPad as my full-time laptop. But I have a question about compiling my draft. On the Mac version, I can compile just one file in the folder. I haven’t found an option to do that on the iOS version. When I compile all the files in the draft folder are compiled.

Does anyone know how to compile just one file in the folder?

Thanks for your help!


Open a document you don’t want to compile in the editor. If you tap the hollow lowercase “i” in the upper toolbar, you’ll bring up a document’s inspector in the sidebar. There, you can turn off “include in compile.” If you use the document navigation buttons in the upper toolbar (“up-chevron and down-chevron”) you can quickly scan through the documents in your project, turning “include in compile” on or off as desired.

Hope this helps!

It worked! Thank you so much. Now I can get back to writing. :smiley:


Since you are just trying to output a single document, You should look at the Send A Copy and Open in Another App options on the Share menu in the bottom right corner of the Editor area (on iPad). Both these functions only output the currently displayed document.


Yes, as gr says, if you just want to print or export a single document, use the regular share feature (Send or Open In) rather than Compile. You can’t compile a single file in the macOS version, either, although you can just compile the contents of a single folder. You can do the latter on iOS, too - drill down into the folder you want to compile in the binder, and then tap the Compile button in the footer. You’ll then see an option to compile only the current folder.

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Well, although I am reluctant to disagree with Keith, I compile a single file easily on MacOS all the time. I wanted to do the same on iOS and didn’t find the feature. I did figure out how to do it on iOS through the share menu, however.

On MacOS, I have the binder showing and my file selected and that file shows in the edit window. I select compile. In the drop down, I select “Current Selection” and it complies only the file I am working on. This is perfect for me.

I have attached a screenshot showing the compile dropdown.