Low System Resources Impact on Scrivener

Is there a technical limitation in Scrivener for Windows where a laptop running on low systems resources (battery power under 20%) would cause the chevron selection arrows in the Binder and the icons in Project and Document Bookmarks to reduce in size to near invisibility?
I experienced that today. Did a few program restarts and machine restarts to no avail until I plugged in power again. Then those components returned to their default size.
I run the Binder at Segoe UI 9 pt Regular as a norm and the Inspector and menus at Segoe UI 10 pt, all of which I’m able to read quite comfortably.
I’m not into bold fonts in the Binder or sharp contrasting colour backgrounds.

Well, it kind of makes sense, bigger characters consume more power. It’s like… eating less bean soup equals quieter farts.

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Well, there’s no denying that your answer crept out of nowhere like the silent p in bath.

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Without much more details it’s hard to tell what actually happens, maybe below a certain threshold power-saving measures kick in (switching from dedicated to integrated graphics, or performance to energy-saving CPU cores, that kind of thing). Although I’d rather expect something like that to mess with already running programs, not across a system restart.

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Your profile mentions “Windows 11 Pro Canary Channel Insider Preview”, can you test it with a stable release?

That would mean uninstalling Windows completely. They offer downgrade options to safer releases every once in a purple moon but haven’t for a while since they split the (high-risk, few update notes) Canary Channel from the Dev Channel, as far as I can remember.

I see. In that case the sanest advice is probably to carry a power brick or a magnifying glass at all times.

If I had to put my money on a likely culprit I’d say: Different graphics drivers depending on the power profile, one playing nicer with Scrivener than the other. You could try turning off all that energy saving stuff and see if that makes a difference (other than burning faster through the remaining charge).

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Please note that running Scrivener with any beta operating system is unsupported and entirely at your own risk.

I agree with @November_Sierra that this is probably due to a change in the display settings for “low power” mode. It’s unlikely to have anything to do with Scrivener’s code, except that we may provide “low resolution” versions of the icons for the system to use as needed.

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Yeah, we had loadshedding yesterday, so the power brick bricked.
I understand the risk of beta software and wouldn’t blame L&L or their programme for any disaster.
Was just soliciting opinions on the low system resources impact on the display – for posterity.