lower case on "i"

Hi, i looked for the topic but couldn’t find it, so i’m asking in a new post: how do i prevent scrivener from automatically changing the "i’ into an “I” ? I can’t figure out how to do it without disabling the auto-correct, and even when i tried disabling it, the software kept switching those two letters. Thanks in advance.

There’s an option specifically for capitalizing “i” under the Corrections tab of Scrivener > Preferences. You can deselect that without affecting other auto-capitalization.

Sadly, you also have to disable ‘–’ —> ‘—’ and ‘…’ —> ‘—’, otherwise it El Cap goes on capitalising after a full stop, and, I presume ‘i’. Also sadly, immediately doing Cmd-Z just undoes all the typing — for post full-stop capitalisation, at least — rather than simply removing the last event, i.e. capitalisation. It’s a real PITA.

That’s on a clean install of 10.11.1 and of Scrivener 2.7.

Mr X

Where are you setting this? I’m testing on 10.11.1 with Scriv 2.7 and switching off “Capitalize ‘i’” in Scrivener’s options doesn’t affect the em-dash or ellipsis replacement. This works for me with or without the “Use smart quotes and dashes” system preference enabled (but with those substitutions enabled in Scrivener’s preferences). I’m likewise able to successfully disable Scrivener’s “Fix capitalization of sentences” without impacting the em-dashes and ellipses.

I’m sure this is a system setting somewhere that I’m not toggling, but El Cap’s preferences got all limited and moved around so I’m not seeing it. :confused: