Luther is Back ... but....?

Oh, those were the days.

Spoilers, you lot…

We down under folk won’t be deemed worthy of watching the next Luther series for about 3 years if the delay on the first 2 is anything to go by!

I guess it is my fault for reading a thread about the show coming back…

Matt, are you in Aus or NZ?

I know it’s on this year in NZ (although I’m not allowed to say when.) And I’m pretty sure it’s this year in Australia, too although I’d have to double check. By which I mean, ask somebody.

I’m in Australia. I hope ABC will be picking it up again… If it is later this year, all the better!

Oh dear me! Young Master matt,
For a person with your lack of sophistication, maturity, and possessed of such delicate sensibilities, this distressing Luther fiasco, is an avenue best left unexplored.

Master matt! you must not encourage social intercourse with this Cross person. He is patently a deviant.
And remember, he resides with his brood, in the land of the KIWI… only a hop, skip, and a splash away from Australia
Concerned Fluff

Especially for Vic:

And the 1st Assistant Director? Matthew Scrivener. Coincidence? I think not…

Hallelujah!!! I’m a sinner… a wicked… wicked sinner :open_mouth: I forgot today was a holy day. Just come in and realised what I’ve missed. BUT!! Fear not, for tomorrow I shall do penance and watch Ep 4 TWICE ON THE TROT! for starters, anything could happen after that… I may watch it again! I shall return to this thread only then, thereby avoiding spoilers.
I’ll be back.

Well! I never thought I’d see this day, but… see it I certainly do. Having always been a recogniser of the greatest need, where 'er , or, in whom it resides, I see, and patently so, that John’s need is greater than mine. Therefore, as John and Alice ride off into the sunset… I… with a lump in my throat, wish them Bonne Chance and happiness. I’m man enough to see that Alice and John’s interests are best served, in each other’s company.

Whereas, I, on the other hand, am quite taken with Alice’s twin sister, Ruth :smiling_imp: I get an eery feeling I’ve known Ruth most of my life. I think we could become an Item. And! I have no doubt whatsoever, that Ruth, would look just as fetching in tight black leather, as her sister Alice does.

So? Where do we go from here, young Cross? Especially after these four fascinating episodes?

Good Luck with whatever you decide, Neil

Cheers, Vic.

Watch this space!

Vee are Votching!!

Just watched the final episode - brilliant, every one of them. Storyline, acting, characters, script - just absolutely faultless.

Can’t disagree with Vic about Alice - she is a goddess! I fell in love in the first series and that spark is still there with burning desire.

(I haven’t mentioned it to Mrs Foxtrot though!)

Teutonic Stockportian…from a cat?
Lear would have just [size=150]LOVED[/size] this forum. :wink:

Nonsense! Master Jud… stuff and nonsense! Feliformian play on words, and not Teutonic Stockportian!!

Far too many dirty old men aboard Scrivener. Time to polish up the plank, and put it to good use! :imp:


Alice, it need hardly be said, is very much a cat person.

Indeed, master Cross… she is very much the predatory, felinesque female. The disdain she feels for those around her, and her intolerance t’ward fools are qualities I can relate to. In truth she is very much like myself.

Damn you, Idris. Damn you and your stupid success.

What about Luther being revealed as a ‘Time Lord’ and morphing in to a different body, conveniently played by another actor? I’d suggest either John Hodgeman or Steve Coogan, depending on which side of the pond your target audience resides.

Wadda ya mean, it’s all been done before? Drrr…who? WHO?

Somebody miss this? … pinoff.htm
:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:
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