LyX & Bookends (and Scrivener)

Dear AmberV, dear all,
I am trying to use LyX with Scrivener, and the workflow is very smooth and easy. But I am engaged in academic field and I need use my huge bibliographical database. This is easy with Scrivener, but I can not imagine how and if is it possible to manage it from LyX. It seems that the application uses a particular “citation” database …

Thank you for any hint :question:

I’ll need to defer to others on this one, as I’ve never seriously used citations. I seem to recall a tool that can convert an EndNotes database to BibTeX, but it might have been one of the other popular ones.

Can’t Bookends double as a BibTex database? You have to turn this on in Preferences, and then select everything and generate the unique BibTex identifier for each entry. Note that last time I looked, Bookends’ BibTex support was a bit iffy, since it didn’t properly escape some special characters.

Thank you. I decided that it is too much difficult to use these apps together. I will renounce.