LyX -- free doc handling for the step after Scrivener

Hello folks

A Mac/Windows/Linux with a friendly GUI for LaTeX – the free text management and document layout program.

For Mac, you have to download and install MacTeX – 1.2 GB (five hours on my slow DSL connection, Firefox tells me), then download and install LyX, which is 25 MB. Something similar applies for other OSs.

But it’s free and extremely capable, it seems.

I haven’t tried it yet – I’m waiting until I can download MacTex overnight.

Cheers, Geoff

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You can go ahead and start playing with LyX before you get the whole TeX distribution installed. You’ll just need to run the LyX configuration package again so that it can find the correct output applications and such. LyX itself can do everything but print and export until then. It’s a great program; as I’ve posted before, it’s probably the only “word processor” that integrates nearly completely with Scrivener, in terms of having everything come out like the headers and block quotes that they are.

I’ve had a go at this but get a parsing error on compiling to a Multimarkdown --> LaTex. Is there somewhere one can go to find out what the error is? 499 in this case.



Could you paste the whole error message? I don’t think it spits out error numbers—that is likely a line number. You could compile from Scrivener as a plain MMD file, open it in a text editor, and see if there is anything odd on that line or around it. Kind of hard to say until the whole error is available.

Most commonly these things happen when a special character slips through that MMD doesn’t know how to handle. If there is a special character on this line or around it, try replacing it with the HTML entity version.