M1 Silicon and Bookends.

For any of you Bookends users out there who have bought M1 Macs …

There is a thread in the Nisus Forum by a user who discovered scanning Bookends’ temporary citations from within Nisus stalled completely with no indications on his new M1 machine. Martin from Nisus investigated and found the instruction wasn’t passing from NWP to Bookends because NWP is Silicon native, while Bookends currently runs under Rosetta. The solution for the moment is to make NWP also run under Rosetta, though he didn’t say how you do that. Until my new MBA arrives, I’m not going to pursue it further, but the problem might persist with other word processors … is Mellel Silicon native for instance? Also, has anyone experience of a similar problem inserting citations from Bookends into a Scriv project using Cmd-Y Cmd-Y on an M1 Mac?

Just a heads-up. :slight_smile:


More info. It turns out the “native vs Rosetta” problem was actually identified by the Zotero community, Zotero runs under Rosetta, and the problem apparently exists with the latest (16.44) update to Word which is Silicon-native. Apparently, Mellel must use Rosetta as the same Zotero forum thread says there’s no problem with Zotero there.

forums.zotero.org/discussion/86 … ord-m1-mac

So I’m wondering about other reference managers too, if they’re running under Rosetta. If so anyone using them who moves to an M1 machine might encounter this problem.