Mac affiliate links broken

My apologies if this is posted in the wrong forum but I don’t see where else to put it…

So I’m psyched for the release of Scrivener 3 and would love to keep recommending and selling it through my affiliate links. Problem: the link for version 3 does not work anymore (users end up on a page saying SKU81634174866" is not available for sale) and Scrivener for the Mac has disappeared from the list of products in eSellerate.

Any idea as to when it might be back in the catalogue?


That’s the SKU for Scrivener 2, which is no longer available. The SKU number for Scrivener 3 is SKU28498557428.

I’ll get David to take a look at this, as he handles affiliates.


Thank you Keith! That’s what I surmised but I am not finding Scrivener 3 in the eSellerate search. I’m happy to hear that the plans are to put it back there when possible!
And congratulations on the release by the way. :smiley:

Any news as to this? I still cannot find Scrivener 3 for Mac in the eSellerate product catalogue. Thanks!

For anybody wondering, the product link is back in the eSellerate affiliate interface. :slight_smile: