Mac and Win show different contents for same project

I use Scrivener on a PC and a Mac. They are synced via Dropbox.

When I open my project on the PC, it is updated to the latest version I worked on on the Mac, but it’s missing some of the folders. I’m not sure if there are other changes, but at least my “work” folder isn’t showing up. When I add new files to the project, none of those show up, either. When I change existing files (outside of “work”), the changes do show up.

I haven’t had a project unsync notification, and I’ve been careful with allowing both computers time to sync up after finished working with them.

Edit: I’ve been using Scrivener for years, and on multiple computers; this is a new problem. I’m not 100% sure this problem hasn’t been with me ever since I changed to the Mac & PC setup - I used the Win version only for a long time.

It does sound like you’re running into a sync problem; at minimum, the .scrivx file doesn’t appear to be in sync between your machines. That file populates the binder, so even if the RTF files of the documents themselves have correctly synced between machines, they won’t appear in the binder list unless the .scrivx file has updated.

I’d make a backup of the project on the Mac, then check to ensure you only have one “Scrivener project” file (with the yellow Scrivener icon) inside the .scriv folder; if there are multiple, you can remove the older one. If you have new items on the Windows side not showing up on Mac, you may need to manually merge the versions, but if this is all one-sided that shouldn’t be necessary. You can just drag the file out of the project to another location rather than deleting it outright. Do the same with any files in the project folder with “conflicted” appended to the name.

If there’s just the one project file and you don’t have any conflicted files, I’d move the whole project out of Dropbox on the Mac, make sure that deletes everything from the Windows Dropbox too (and manually do so if it doesn’t), then clean the Dropbox cache on the computers and move the project back in, giving it plenty of time to upload from the Mac and download onto the PC before opening it again.

Thanks a lot, will try those steps next!