Mac and windows happy together


I have the latest version on my mac and the latest windows version on my W10 PC. Neither will open what the other is working on. Can you make (or is there one) a version for platforms version so both OSs can work on the same files happily?



Hi Chad,

L&L is developing the Windows v3 version. (There will be no Windows v2, they are going straight to v3.) It’s currently in Beta. Release date TBD–don’t bother asking when, their policy is not to state release dates. :slight_smile: When Win v3 is released, Mac & Win platforms will be compatible in both format and features.

In the meantime:

  1. On the Mac you can Export as v2 to convert your project to a format compatible with Windows 1.9. When you want to get it back to your Mac, just open the project from your Mac and it will be converted back to v3 Mac format.

  2. Or, you can down grade your Mac to v2.9, which is compatible with Windows 1.9. But you’ll lose the new Mac v3 features.

  3. Or, you can use the Windows v3 Beta, which is compatible with Mac v3. But it’s a Beta, so you’ll be testing software. There are bugs, some features won’t work fully, etc. Just mentioning this in the interest of completeness.

Those are your options for the moment, until Windows v3 is released.