Mac App Store Top Grossing & Top Paid rankings

I just was browsing the Mac App store, and noticed several things that are worth noting. First thing I noticed, it’s the first Featured app on the main App store window.

The second thing I found, again on the main page: in the “Top Grossing” list, it’s currently at number 6 – the previous 5 are all Apple products! (Same as in the “Top Charts” view).

Finally, on the “Productivity” section, it’s #4 in the “Top Paid” apps.

I’m not really sure what the difference is between “Top Paid” and “Top Grossing”, but I still think it’s awesome. I know that Literature and Latte isn’t all about ruling the world, but I for one am glad that Keith’s vision of a better writing app seems to be enjoying such success. Congratulations, gang!

…It isn’t?

I know, I try not to mention it too much, but world domination is indeed my aim. :slight_smile:

Thanks Robert! As I understand it, the difference between top grossing and top paid is that the former is based on total revenue whereas the latter is based solely on units sold of non-free programs. So, a $1 app that sells 10 copies would be higher on the Top Paid chart than a $15 app that sells 1 copy, but the latter would be higher on the Top Grossing chart.

We are, as you can imagine, chuffed to be a featured program (which is directly responsible for our high placing in the charts). I hasten to add though that while we are certainly doing better than usual at the moment, the Mac App Store is still building its user-base so we won’t be able to afford a house in the bahamas any time soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks again and all the best,

"We are, as you can imagine, chuffed to be a featured program … "

Your being “chuffed” sent me in search of a definition (though the context made clear what you meant). In the search I found this cool little website devoted to British slang:

Also want to say I finally bought my upgrade license for v2.0 and I’m happy as a clam.

Ah ha. I saw a menu item for chuffed clam at a deli and had no idea what was going on. Now I do.

…so is the clam happy or are you, when you eat it? Hm.

We’d both be miserable. A wonderful synergy not unlike a disgruntled patch of spinach being force-fed to a wailing seven year old.

That’s a great guide to slang - I had no idea that so many of those aren’t common in the U.S.

I wouldn’t say they’re all purely British. For instance, just among the top 5:

Aggro is common among video game neards in multi-player games to mean who the bad guy/NPC is most likely to go after; usually the person who has done them the most harm.

“All right” is just slightly different. It’s usually pronounced as a declarative statement in the US, not a question when responding to “how are you”/“how you doing?”

A smattering of the others are picked up by any kid who discovers Monty Python.

Also Bang and Bee’s Knees are common, though the latter is kind of old-fashioned.

“Blow Me”, however, could be a hilarious missunderstanding. It’s much like the Rubber/Condom, Pants/Underwear, Arse*/Fanny** slang words.

  • Funny thing, among Americans who add Britishisms to their vocabulary, “arse” is often used a a MORE polite word for “ass”. Teens get away with the first where they would be (mildly) scolded for the latter.
    ** In the US, it has been a woman’s name, and it’s used as a child’s word for buttocks, much like wee-wee for penis.

Hm, that effingpot site is fun! But, if you want the real, complete, and extremely funny dictionary of American-British language collisions go to The Septic’s Companion.

Warning! You may not surface from it for hours!


Thanks for the link to the septic’s companion. One of the first phrases I found was this:

bunk off: v skip (as in school); play truant: I think I’m just going to bunk off and ride my bike today.

bunk off. A different meaning quickly came to mind as I waited for the real definition to appear on the screen. I was wrong. : )

I was surprised at how many of those terms I thought were Australian. Seems we can’t even create our own slang. :blush:
Then again, youse mob maybe nicked 'em from us, eh?

Nicked? Us? Hey, you know where we sent all our criminals. :smiley: (Yes, to the warmer country, d’oh!)

There’s one more thing about Scrivener in the MAS: the text, graphics, and layout of the Scrivener entry absolutely beautiful. Even the pages for Apple’s own apps look downright ugly in comparison. I’m sure the crowd will catch up eventually, but it really makes a statement right now.

If L&L sold a mousetrap, the mice would line up to have their little necks broken by it. They would die happy.

We get a perverse pleasure from that: the toffs send the convicts to paradise, and then send their own troublesome younger brothers and sisters to look over the convicts thinking “That’ll teach them”. Meanwhile, in the land of stars and sunshine, said convicts are brewing great beer and teaching the sibling-toffs to surf… :slight_smile:

But, back on topic, the entry for Scrivener on the MAS does look fantastic. My only regret is that I don’t have enough cash to buy it again so I can post a review - but based on the current download rates, it seems my efforts aren’t necessary. Well done being featured by Apple!

Chuffed, albeit briefly.


Chuffed mouse is a very popular Stockport culinary delicacy. Oops!!! :blush: Sorry, that should be STUFFED mouse. I am silly! :frowning: :blush: