Mac backup on windows

Hi everyone I made a backup of my project on the mac version of scrivener a few months ago and moved onto windows (gave mac to siblings) and all I retained was the .scriv backup from the Mac. The .scriv folder contains all the rtfd files as normal but the binder file is binder.scrivproj along with a few of the .xml files in the same folder. The problem is with the scrivener beta I am not sure how to open this as the program tells me I am only able to open .scriv or .scrivx files but that only opens the .scriv folder and when I attempt to open the binder.scrivproj file it says it is not compatible(which is obvious since as stated before only .scriv and .scrivx are able to be opened). Therefore I was wondering if there is any way for me to import my backup into the windows version of scrivener. The files are all present but I would prefer to be able to open them in an organized fashion in scrivener. Thank you.

It’s possible that the current (v1) Scrivener for Windows would open it and convert it to a version that the beta can then open and convert to the most recent project format.

The .scrivx file should be inside the .scriv folder. That’s the file you want to open in Scrivener for Windows. If that file is missing, that would indicate the project is corrupted. How did you transfer the project from the Mac to the new computer (e.g. via USB, email, Dropbox, etc.)? Was it compressed into a zip file before it was transferred?

Do you actually have a binder.scrivproj file, or are you just reporting the error message that complains about it?

The error message can be a red herring, when the underlying issue is probably incomplete synchronization.

If you actually have a binder.scrivproj file, that sounds like a Mac Scrivener 1 format project. I’m not sure Windows Scrivener is able to open that format. (Mac Scrivener 2 had been out for a number of years when Windows Scrivener was released.) If Rdale’s suggestion doesn’t work, you have two options:

(1) Find a friendly Mac user with Mac Scrivener 2 to convert the project for you.

(2) Use the Import command to import the RTF files into a Scrivener project. You’ll lose the Binder structure and need to reorganize things, but all your writing will be there.