Mac beta docx compile & page numbering

(If this is the wrong place to post bugs concerning the beta, please move it to wherever it should go).

The compile to docx seems to be ignoring the state of the “Page numbers count first pages” checkbox. In my case, I have it un-checked, but my title page is still counted as page 1 (the first page of my manuscript shows “2” in the header). If I compile for print or PDF, page 1 comes after my title page.

Hi Robert,

I can’t reproduce this, although it may be that I’ve fixed this since the beta and forgotten about it. Please try this version:

Do you still see the problem there? If so, could you please send me a project that shows the problem?

(Please post in the Beta Testing forum to report bugs about the beta - I’m too lazy to move this, though. :slight_smile: )


All the best,

It may be that my selective blindness is obscuring what I’m looking for, but I can’t see a NEW TOPIC button in the Mac beta testing forum, and the one post I can reply to is titled “ - Post Bugs Here”, which implies to me that it’s not for version 2.2.x.x

I’ll give the new build a go when I get home tonight and let you know how it goes. Thanks!

For those wondering; this issue is due to Pages not respecting the setting that tells it to start with “page 1” on the second page. You can adjust the page numbering by inserting a section break on the title page (and then removing the page break between that and the first page).