Mac Book Pro Moving Scrivener from Windows

Finally now Christmas is over I can play with my new Mac Book Pro, I have bought Scrivener for it and now need to move over the files from my windows Scrivener to new computer, I have just dragged them all to a usb stick and was going to the put them straight into the Mac Scrivener, is this going to work please.

Try it. Copy them onto your new Mac’s hard disk then open them with Scrivener. Worst case scenario, nothing will happen and you still have copies on your USB stick. But if you have Scrivener 2.x on your Mac (and if you just bought it, you will), then they should open just fine.

Yeah, there should be no problems with that. Of course, once you get them over to your Mac, be aware that each of your project folders will suddenly look like one single file that you double-click on to load. The internal pieces will be hidden, but they will still be there. This is a “package” file. It’s a format that is used extensively on the Mac—in fact Scrivener itself is a package (really, a folder just being treated as a file), as is just about every piece of software and many file formats.

Because I have found a couple of times my exporting importing on the Mac has not resulted in quite what I wanted I opened both scriveners so I had the listing, then I used my usb stick and moved file by file over, creating my chapters as I went, today I can look at my mac scrivener and I have all chapters of the novel in there. It was a slow process not the best probably but at least its in the right place,need to buy scapula again now but am holding off as all this moving from windows to mac is getting expensive, especially after christmas. :smiley: Thank you for your help.