[MAC] Change default text colour in Main Editor in light mode.

I’m finally playing extensively with Dark Mode. I’ve realised that the default text colour in Dark Mode can not only be changed in Composition Mode (where it’s always been available) but it can also be changed in the Main Editor, Inspector Notes, Bookmark previews, and in the Scratchpad. Not only that, but I can display coloured text in its original colours while the default is modified! Fantastic!

Would you please bring this wonderful capability to Light Mode as well?

Thanks in advance for considering this.

I’m afraid there are no plans for this. The problem is that if this were added and turned on, then there would be literally no place in the UI where you could see the actual colour of the text - and given that Scrivener uses rich text, there is an actual colour. It would be odd to hide that real colour in every UI mode, and would almost certainly lead to support issues.

All the best,