Mac doesn’t need sync? Yes/No?

So what I understand is. Mac doesn’t need to do a sync.?

If I create a project on the Mac. It just updates automatically on my Dropbox
If I create a project on the iPad, store it in the Dropbox folder, it syncs, and also syncs with the Mac?

Syncing is actually a two-step process: Upload changes from Device A to the Dropbox server, then download from the server to Device B.

If the Dropbox software is installed and running on the Mac, it will sync with the Dropbox server at regular intervals. The updated file will then be available to Scrivener. That is, it’s more accurate to say that sync on the Mac occurs without your intervention than to say the Mac “doesn’t need” to sync.

If Mac Scrivener happens to be running, you should use the File -> Sync -> With Mobile Devices command to ensure that changes are incorporated into the live project.


Thanks. After much experimenting from all devices, and the Mac … The Mother Ship as it were, I have arrived at the right balance. As you say.
On the Mac, having put the project into the Scrivener/Apps folder in Dropbox, the iOS devices see it automatically and sync it.
If I create a project on the iOS devices, so long as it goes into the Apps/Scrivener /Scriv3ner folder and from then on , it’s right. When I then open Scrivener on the Mac, I open the new projec5 from the Apps/Scrivener folder in Dropbox and it remembers.
Ok. Got it. :smiley: