Mac > Dropbox > iPad [insert swear words]

I hate Dropbox. I REALLY hate Dropbox.

Once you have a Scriv file created and stored in the correct place, it all works well enough. Syncing to the cloud then down to my iPad from my Mac Mini and back again. But whenever I create a new document, I have to dig deep into the bowls of my Mac to find the right location to put it so Dropbox will see it.

And it doesn’t always work. Or I try to upload to dropbox in the cloud, and let it put it where it wants to, but then it tags the file as a .zip, and that screws EVERYTHING up.

I hate Dropbox. There are better cloud services. There are better ways.

I am a 30+ IT professional. I understand systems and how they work. I do this stuff FOR A LIVING. So let me say it again, I hate Dropbox.

Here’s my solution.
I made the mistake of creating a document on my Mac and not finding the secret, hidden folder under the floorboards to store the file so Dropbox could find it.
So… I created a new project on my iPad.
I then used copy/paste and copied all the text from my Mac to my iPad file, because MacOS and iOS talk to each other and share clipboard storage. It’s like magic, no cloud app required. :slight_smile:
Then, I deleted the old file from my Mac.

Sorry, you can return to your normal forum now.

I almost didn’t reply, given your personal take, but what the heck …

But, see:

Looks to me, based on what you explain, that you need to update yourself on Dropbox file locations and insure it’s installed correctly. The Dropbox folders are not hard to find in macOS folder, for most people. What you said you did is odd, but if it works for you, carry-on. Not recommended for others, though, IMHO. Oh well.

PS. I don’t have the same opinion about Dropbox, and I don’t ever have any issues with Dropbox with Scrivener or any other use I make of it. Oh well.


That’s actually really helpful. Thank you.

I was pretty stressed this morning and vented. My apologies.

I’ll have a good read through the document you shared in the morning and find out what I was doing wrong. I do LOVE Scrivener, and this very helpful and friendly community.

I didn’t mean to get so upset. :slight_smile:


A Scrivener project is a folder, with a good amount of internal structure. We recommend making sure that the Dropbox software is installed and running on your Mac, and allowing it to manage uploads/downloads for you. If it’s installed, there should be a readily accessible “Dropbox” folder. If there isn’t, consult with Dropbox support to figure out why not.