Mac file in Win corrupts special char/umlaute[BUG LOGGED]


transfering my german projects from mac to win changes the umlaute. ö becomes š, ü becomes Ÿ and ä becomes Š … have not tried what the capital Ä.Ü and Ö become.

I did it that way:
Open scrivener 2.0 trial on mac, open old scrivener project and convert it, open converted file in scrivener win.
Also when i open Scrivener i get the warning: “Could not load dictionary” "Error loading dictionary: No word lists can be found for the language “de_DE” two times.
I am not sure if this has to do with the wrong umlaute, but i do not think so. (should only be for spell check)?

Greetings, Kukuschi


I recommend being cautious about opening Mac projects in this early Windows beta. Although the file formats are compatible, the Windows version still has some issues with its RTF reader because Lee and his guys had to write their own RTF parser completely from scratch. Lee’s aware of many of these issues and they are working on bringing the RTF writer up to par, but in the meantime I recommend backing up a lot as the Windows version could lose some of your rich text formatting from the Mac version for the time being.