Mac Full Screen Mode & Editor Right Margin/width

I work on a MacBook Air 11, which is the greatest writing machine ever to be created, but does have challenges in terms of space.

If I write with the Scrivener screen in a “window” but stretched out to more or less fit the entire screen, the editor text stretches across the full width of the screen. The ruler in the editor shows the right margin as being set at 8 inches. However, if I put the program in the Mac “full screen” mode, the text readjusts to a more narrow band in the center–the editor ruler shows the right margin as being six inches. It kind of defeats the purpose of going to full screen.

Any ideas about how to get the editor text to span the full width of the editor window while in full screen mode.

Hi Katie

Have you checked the settings in…

Thank you! I knew it had to be somewhere.

Welcome :wink: