[Mac] Improved Markdown Support in Synopses

I would like support for more Markdown formatting in synopses. I’d like to see bulleted or numbered lists in particular supported in compiled output, although other formatting would be welcome as well.

Synopses would benefit as they are simple plain text files – the ideal source for plain Markdown. In my own work, I write a synopsis for each broad section (an “act”) and one for each chapter. These contain bullet points or checklists which aren’t necessarily relevant to any particular text (“scene”). Having these nicely formatted would be an aid when I sit down (as I am now!) with a printed (or PDF) rough draft and a pen (or stylus.) I really don’t understand the reasoning behind limiting synopses to Markdown for italics, underlines, and bold only – this restriction makes sense for titles, but why limit the formatting of what is, after all, a complete separate text file?

Thank you for considering this.

This would involve pumping sections of the text through the Markdown engine rather than just scanning for italics and such. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but it is a complicated one technically, so although I’ll certain consider it in the future, it’s not something likely to make it in any time soon, I’m afraid.

All the best,

Thanks for considering it!