Mac & iOS Itunes Sync


Please excuse my elementary questions as I am still new to Scrivener. I searched the forum but I couldn’t find the answers I was looking for.

I have two quick questions please. I am looking for best practices (I’m really just making sure I’m not following worst practices :wink: when using iTunes to sync one of my writing projects.

Question #1: Is it best to keep overwriting the old project file as I move it back and forth from my Mac (Finder) to my iOS device (Scrivener App in iTunes)? Is this how it was designed to work? I guess I’m concerned about the file getting corrupted or something.

Question #2: What is the best workflow if I wanted to utilize my iPhone once in a while as well. So now I would be juggling my Mac, iPad and iPhone while using iTunes sync.

Anyway - as usual - I appreciate your help.



I currently use Dropbox, but only use a Mac running Mavericks. However, I’ll be interested to read any other comments as I’m soon getting an iPad with iOS 11.