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Apologies if someone has posted this before - I have looked through the forum but cannot see this specific question.

Can I sync between Mac desktop and iOS and then to a Windows PC and back again? (I have a Mac at home and a Windows PC at my office and use iOS on my commute, so would like to work across all three.)

I see that a year ago, there was a question about Mac and Windows and Keith replied:

“If you are asking whether you will be able to use the iOS version on an iPad or iPhone and then sync the data between your iOS device and your Windows machine, then yes, absolutely, just the same as you will be able to with your Mac.”

This seems to imply that cross-platform sync, via IOS, should be fine, but doesn’t say it for definite.

So, is it technically possible? And do people use such a set-up regularly?

Thanks, in advance.

Yes. All three platforms use exactly the same project format.

Note that all caveats regarding synchronization between two devices are multiplied with three. I would recommend always shutting down Scrivener on either desktop system when not using it, and be sure to allow synchronization to finish before leaving/starting to work with a particular device.


Thanks Katherine. Good news!

Can i ask a similar question 4 years later! do i need to buy the ios and windows versions if want to be able to work on a project both on windows 10 and my ipad? assuming ill have to use dropbox which is fine. Any help woule be appreciated. thanks

Yes, the iOS and Windows versions are separate products requiring separate purchases.

Full instructions on configuring Dropbox synchronization can be found here:

Thanks for confirming.