Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

I am having trouble assigning a keyboard shortcut through the Mac OS to the “Title” under apply preset in the Format menu (see attachments).

I have tried keyboard shorts that work with other menu items, in case there were some sort of conflict, and nothing seems to work. I have done uppercase, lower case, added various amounts of spaces after the word, even restarted Scrivener like the bad old days in Tiger for it to take and nothing works. Any ideas if there is a special character or why this isn’t taking?

It’s most likely because “Title” is used elsewhere in the menus - View > Outliner Columns > Title. I bet that has eaten the keyboard shortcut you’ve assigned.

What you could do is create a new preset using the same style but with a different title (apply the “Title” formatting to some text, then select the text and use “New Preset From Selection” - and you can delete the “Title” preset afterwards if you want) and then add the keyboard shortcut for that. (If you have a suggestion for an alternative title for this item then I’ll happily rename it by default too to avoid the clash).

All the best,

Thank you Keith you were right on it was being eaten where you said. I even did a cmd+shift+? and typed “Title” before I posted and overlooked that somehow. I am glad I posted because your solution is great!

I was thinking something like “Ooogabooga”, kidding of course. Your support is AMAZING that is so cool that you would even offer something like that. I am a major fan of Scrivener and your team that supports it, Ioa Petra’ka has been amazing, I have had nothing but great experience all around.

Anyway I can’t really think of anything that would be logical “Title Heading” is the best thing I can come up with but that might fly in the face of “Heading” that is already there by itself. No need to change it for me I doubt many will have this issue, but thank you very much for the offer!