Mac Keyboards

Can anyone suggest a decent replacement keyboard for a Mac? At present I have one of the Bluetooth ‘chicklet’ keyboards which is fine as far it goes. However, I have to transcribe a number of interviews and find it quite painful with extended use. ‘Normal’ writing goes in short bursts, so I’ve not really noticed a problem until now.

The best keyboard I ever used was one from a 386 based IBM built PC. It was heavy and incredibly loud, but you could really get up a decent speed when using it. Also for some reason it didn’t seem as tiring as the current Apple standard keyboards when used for extended periods.

I’d prefer one intended for the Mac, to save faffing around with key replacements or mapping. However, if the best is a PC keyboard then so be it provided that it can be used with a Mac.

Anyone any suggestions? I’m UK based so any supplier should preferably be based here.

Loud keyboards are still sold, and they do work with the Mac. I’ve personally used for years (and hope to use forever) a Das Keyboard Ultimate (, based on the same Cherry mechanisms that I loved in the old Olivetti and Siemens PCs.

Matias should use the same Cherry mechanisms:

IBM Model M keyboards are still sold here:

I’m happy to see I can use my Das with the iPad, if I want:


Thanks for this. I’m pleased to see the old IBM keyboards are still around.

Having looked at the links you supplied, the Mathias range look pretty good, so I’ve settled on one of the Mathias Pro keyboards. The ones they supply with a UK keyboard layout seem rather restricted unfortunately.

I’m pretty happy with my Tactile Pro from Matias, though I’d probably get one without a numeric keypad if I could just trade them in; Mine’s huge, and I don’t do a lot of numeric data entry. I’d rather have the mouse closer to hand.

Hands down (pardon the pun), the best keyboard I"ve used is the Microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard. … board-4000 I’m a key-whacker, so softer keyboards and Mac keyboards don’t hold up for me. My hands ache after using a mac keyboard (even full size) for longer than 15 minutes. I’ve used this one with a mac before, although if memory serves, alt and control are swapped. (Easily remapped.)

I absolutely can’t use a mac mouse without pain, either. (I prefer logitech mice to MS’s mice, although the MS mouse I have just won’t die. I keep dropping it, letting the cat play with it, etc, so I can replace it.)

I may be harsh on MS’s operating systems, but they make nice peripheral hardware.

I like the wireless Logitech Y-R0011 … =14&bit=64

Keys are real nice and comfortable.

Missed that one. Before I drop the money on a Matias, it might be worth a trip to PCWorld where they often have Logitech stuff on display.

I’ve often had mixed feelings about Logitech. They do some good stuff but they also produce a lot of dross when it comes to Macs.

Another +1 for the 4000. Fantastic keyboard.