Mac Look Writing app

The application WriteitNow is in version 4 development at the moment. It will have a Mac look option.

The application’s author says, "Sorry about the lack of a Mac look and feel in the latest version. I’m working on version 4 and I’ll definitely put it back in this.

On the PC version selecting the ‘native Windows look and feel’ resulted in a very unpleasant interface and I think this was the main reason I dropped it. What I can do is make this an option in the Mac version but not in the PC version. Several users have said they prefer the native Mac look and feel and no-one has ever said they prefer the Windows look and feel (and at least 90% of my customers use Windows). "

Version 2.0.9 had an excellent Mac interface. Version 3.1.0 has a windows interface. Both versions have excellent options with easy to use top of the page buttons for Overview, Chapters, Characters, Events, Locations, Ideas, Notes, Charts, and Submissions (manage a publisher submissions record).

It is at:

Well worth a look for writing and for development ideas.