Mac: making a shortcut in an application

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 13.21.51.pngI remember how to make a shortcut in an application - go to System Preferences, choose Keyboard, then Shortcuts, then App Shortcuts, and then enter the menu path, and add a keyboard shortcut of your choice. But what goes between the menu items? I’ve tried / and \ and -> in the one I’m currently trying to make (to annotate in Preview), and can’t get it to work at all.

You don’t need to put the whole menu path, just the menu command itself. So in your example, you only need to enter ‘Star’ (without the quotation marks), not Tools > Annotate > Star.


Thanks, Brookter; I tried that too but just get a sad error squeak when I invoke the shortcut in Preview.

Ah, turns out it doesn’t matter - cmd-ctrl-i is the shortcut for an annotating line, which is actually handier.

For some reason it doesn’t work for me either – didn’t test it before. That’s odd – I described the normal procedure, which I’ve used hundreds of times before. It seems not to accept other shortcuts either on that menu. Wonder if it’s a bug / intended behaviour in Preview?