Mac OS project to Windows - odd font result

Hey folks, I’ve had to switch from MacOs to Windows 10 recently for my writing projects.

The project reopened on Windows almost faultlessly, except that some folder items (text documents) seem to have a strange font that is definitely not Arial (cant attach a screen shot ). Can’t see why these folder items are any different to others.

I’m fully updated to Scrivener 3.

Thank you

Are you certain those documents had the same font as the documents that display correctly?

One of the issues that crops up from time to time is when a font on one platform is not present on the other.

Hey thanks Ruff Pub, yes Arial is my go to, but what’s really a problem, is that even selecting say Times New Roman, or just about any other font still leaves me with this odd subset of all those fonts: they appear only as an outline version of them self, so the inside of the font is white, and it’s outlined.

No matter what font I select this happens and I have tried setting bold, underline, italic and anything else that would change formatting, but this oddity still persists.


What happens if you create a new document, set the font for that document to Arial (or whatever you want to use), then copy the strange-looking text and use Edit > Paste and Match Style to paste it into the new document?

I just wonder if the original RTF files got corrupted somehow during the transfer. Pasting into a new document (while stripping the original text formatting with Paste and Match Style) will help determine that.

Hey thanks for the suggestion. I tried this out and the symptoms persist: sick font.

I did however try another strategy that has worked: I copied the ill font into a blank google doc or another text file, then copy it back into the manuscript and it’s fine. Paragraph breaks are lost, but re editing these is much better than staring at screeds of unreadable nonsense font.

Thanks folks