Mac OS X Lion and Dropbox Advisory

Please be aware that at the moment there are some issues involving Dropbox and Lion, in terms of compatibility. They are currently providing a “forum build” (beta, I think) that addresses the problems, and it can be found here (but I must stress I have not tested it myself).

If your workflow depends upon synchronisation between Scrivener and Dropbox (most commonly to a mobile iOS or Android device), you may have difficulties getting this to work right now. Fortunately both Lion and Dropbox are just slightly popular, so I’m sure the Dropbox team are burning their knuckles off to get things compliant and this should be a fairly temporary condition.

In the meantime, for mobile purposes, you can use Simplenote if your device supports it, as a standby for your preferred text editor. Or be brave and try the beta. :slight_smile:

I worked with the new Dropbox beta last night and looks like it still isn’t quite working, Going to keep up with the problem and as soon as I find or see resolution, definitely going to post up for everyone.

Excellent news. Looks like the Dropbox sync is back up and running strong. We should be good to go now. Just checked both directions between the iPad and the MacAir and both syncing directions were holding true. Believe we are set again.

Love my Scrivener.