Mac Overheating every time I start using Scrivener

I just installed Scrivener on my MacBook Pro. Every time I open the program and begin using it, my fan turns on and gets progressively louder.

Hello Maryb, and welcome to the forum.

A lot of items could be causing your fans to run. Some options include using Scrivener, the age of your MacBook Pro, its version of macOS, other utilities/programs running, whether you’re actively syncing with iCloud Drive and/or Time Machine, and so on.

If this were my Mac, I’d start with closing everything down and shutting it down for a few minutes to ensure that nothing is hanging in the background that might be causing the issue.

Then, I’d reboot and try opening a few programs–including Scrivener–again. If the fans start up immediately, I’d open the Mac’s Activity Monitor utility and check what it shows about my current Memory usage to see if anything there is taking a lot of my RAM. (In Finder, it can be accessed in Applications > Utilities.)

That could help determine if this is actually Scrivener or some other process. I’d also check that my Mac has its most recent version of macOS installed and that other programs are up-to-date as well in case that’s a factor.

RuthS - thanks so much! I am going to try all of this tonight and see what happens. I appreciate the time you took to respond.

If you are using it, Dropbox seems particularly prone to causing this. I noticed it in every Mac I’ve owned.

I don’t use Dropbox, but that is good to know. Thank you.

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RuthS - that worked! Thanks so much!

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