Mac/PC Compatibilities

I have a Mac OS X license but recently got a PC laptop. I know I have to buy another license to use Scrivener on my PC. What I am wondering is whether the Mac and PC versions are compatible with each other. That is, can I work on Scrivener on my Mac Mini, save it to Dropbox, and open the same file on my PC laptop and keep working on it? I’d like to make sure they are compatible before I spend money on another license. Thank you!
(Also, once a license is bought, either for PC or Mac, it remains valid and accessible always, correct? I want to be able to switch between platforms in the future too)

  • Eric :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the project format is cross-platform compatible. We have more details on what that means here. You can of course also download the demo to your PC and test this yourself as well to make sure it will work the way you want. The main things that will be different:

  • Compile settings are platform specific on account of how the Windows compile settings are not yet complete.
  • Workflow settings will be different. What columns you see in the outliner, selection states in the documents, label colours and so on will be platform specific. They will stick, but not be shared.

As for the licence, make sure you take advantage of our cross-grade special where you can save 15 USD.