Mac -> PC compatibility

Hi all,

I’m posting this here because I’m looking to transfer some Scrivener files from my Mac to my laptop (the PC section of the forum seems to have a low response rate). It’s an old Mac (an early G4 desktop) and I’m relocating to Prague in the Czech Republic where I’ll be able to take just a PC laptop. I would like to know if the files will be readable by the PC Scrivener. I have used them just to write. I have done nothing advanced that I know of.

Also, I assume that the PC and Mac version operate under different licence codes and that I will have to purchase the software again. Is this the case?

Thanks all


Here is the current information on cross-platform compatibility. Note that if you have made use of linked comments or footnotes, you might wish to install the Windows beta instead. The current stable version will display the contents of notes in a tooltip, but they cannot be edited. The beta version contains a nearly full implementation of the sidebar comments and footnotes feature.

Regarding the serial number: yes, you’ll have to purchase a licence for Windows as the software is developed by another team. It sounds to me as though you might be switching to Windows permanently however? If so we do offer transfer (for a small restocking fee). That will invalidate your Mac serial number though, so only take that option if you do not intend to ever use your Mac again. Just contact us at sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com if you wish to transfer your licence.