Mac Power Users Podcast

Hi Keith

You probably already know this, but the Mac Power Users PodCast did a wonderful broadcast about Scrivener. (PodCast# “MPU: 015: Scrivener”). Congratulations on the high praise Scrivener got! :stuck_out_tongue:

The coverage was exceptionally good and provides a great introduction for a newbie and the power user alike. It helped that one of the announcers uses Scrivener for their work everyday, giving a comprehensive run through of his work flow using the application. Learning about Scrivener this way got to the very heart of the philosophy in using Scrivener as a writing tool.

On a separate note, very begrudgingly, I now have to use a PC at work and my ultimate wish would be to have a Windows version of Scrivener for work and then happily continue away on my Mac at home. Besides, Scrivener is just too good to be kept in the Mac world. I hope you are getting enough messages to encourage you to work on this project.

Anyway, again, congratulations. All your hard work is paying off. :slight_smile:

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Darren McDonald

Hi Darren,

Thanks for your post. Yes, I listened to this over the weekend - David Sparks is a longtime Scrivener user and has been very kind in his coverage in the past (they covered us in their program on word processors a few months ago), but it is brilliant to have Scrivener the subject of a whole show, so many thanks to both David and Katie for such an excellent show and for covering Scriv. (There will be a case study with David on how he uses Scrivener going up on this site in the next couple of weeks, too.)

As for a putative Windows version… No news to share on that as yet, I’m afraid, but there certainly has been a lot of interest.

Thanks and all the best,

Hello Keith

It will be wonderful to see how Scrivener is used in practice in terms of work flow. So, putting up case studies on this website is a brilliant idea. :smiley:

I personally would learn a lot with an example from the world of academia, especially an academic writing a journal article and a postgraduate student working on a PhD. (I have my feet planted firmly in both scenarios at the moment. So having a Scrivener guide or mentor would be wonderful!)

About a Windows version of Scrivener, it is a begrudging request. I would love to work entirely in the world of Mac … and many years ago in academia we did. But the reality is that I have to use Windows at university :cry: … even though I am now sneaking in my MacBook Air that I got for Christmas! :smiley:

Keith, thank you for all your hard work on Scrivener. You have given us a wonderful tool that enables our writing to be a much more enjoyable experience.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Darren McDonald