Mac project won't open in Windows


Created a project on the Mac and it crashed. I have backup’s so no problems. I installed trial of scrivener for Windows and the application starts. However, It won’t open when I run it on Windows 7. (Simply nothing happens).

Log-file is empty so I thought I could try create a new empty project and then import the scrivx file:
I get an Error: ‘The selected directory is not a scrivener project’.

I can see all the document files. I don’t expect the Windows version to be able to do everything as Mac can, but at least it should be able to parse the scrivx file. Any ideas?

Check out this thread and the threads it links to.

Hope that helps.

P.S. Sorry, failed to include the link the first time. Is now added above.

Haha, I didn’t find those post when I searched. Thanks it helped.

I am a developer myself so from a technical perspective I thought that it would threat each scrivx file different since the actual content is one level down.

Let’s hope the developers could add some information in a alert box for future.