Mac Sharing with PC on Dropbox?

Running into some problems - trying to write with someone else. They use PC, I use Mac. I have uploaded the document to Dropbox. She can download but when she tries to access it says access denied. Is this because of the PC/Mac thing?
If not, what would it be?
Is there any way around it?

There’s a lot left un-said here, so let me lay out a few things that you have to consider/check with your writing partner:

  1. What versions are you both using? Scrivener 3 for Mac is not compatible with Scrivener 1 for Windows (though Mac S3 can export a copy of your project into a compatible format). The beta for Scrivener 3 for Windows is compatible.
  2. Are they using the desktop software for dropbox, so that changes sync between your computers, or are they downloading from in their browser? How about you? You mention uploading to and downloading from dropbox, which sound like one or both of you are using the browser.
  3. “Access denied” isn’t the usual error when working with .zip files, bit my guess is they’re viewing a .zip file’s contents, which cannot be edited.
  4. Note that if you are using the dropbox sync software, then you two must work out clear communications and strictly adhere to habits that avoid having the project open on both of your computers at once.

To add to what @rdale said, does she literally get a message saying “Access denied” or is that her summarisation of the alert?

If you’ve both installed the Dropbox app and are working with that, if it’s not a zip problem, the alert will say that the project is open on another computer.

I have been working with a Windows-using collaborator for years—she’s been using the Scriv 3 Betas for at least the last two—and apart from occasional cases of one of us shutting down or opening the too quickly before the (Dropbox) server has finished uploading or downloading, thus causing conflicts or that alert about being open on another computer—it seems that deleting the user.lock file is the very last stage of the synchronising process following closing the project—everything proceeds very smoothly.