Mac TaskPaper on Sale for $4.95

Until Thursday (April 7, 2011) the latest Mac version of TaskPaper is on sale for $4.95. After that the price will return to $29.95, so if you’ve been planning to get it, now is a good time. That price is true of both the App Store version and that on his own store:

Just be aware that, due to some difficulties with getting App Store approval, this version is 10.6 only. (Those Apple-niggling woes are one reason why I use the App Store only when I’ve no other choice.) … -os-x-10-5

Note that you can also get Mac TaskPaper and WriteRoom for a bundle price of $27.95. Also, if you already have TaskPaper, you don’t need to get the App Store version. This upgrade is free via in-app upgrade.

Why TaskPaper?

TaskPaper is a clever blend of outliner and to-do list maker that has versions for Macs and iDevices. I like how it formats separate lines (ideas) as bullet lists. That makes it my favorite way to take down notes-on-the-go with my iPhone. The filtering feature is also quite useful when that list of ideas gets long. There are more details here:

My only complaint is that it doesn’t yet do OPML import/export. With that, a basic book outline created in TaskPaper on a iPhone could be imported into OmniOutliner for more sophisticated tweaking or into Scriver as the binder-level structure of a book-to-be. The latter, I am told, is almost magical.

I’ve not been using TaskPaper as much as I had because the current iDevice version lacks DropBox synch, something that’s become a ‘must have’ for me. That’s why I was happy for this news from the HogBay blog:

Ooops! I just noticed that the price is 4 cents more or $4.99. At a price like that, it’s well worth a try.

–Michael W. Perry, Untangling Tolkien

Thanks for the heads-up. Now a proud owner of TaskPaper (my student budget could never quite stretch to the $30 regular price).

No affiliation, but this is one of the most flexible task managers I’ve tried. I have used Omnifocus and Things, but only TaskPaper is responsive to keystrokes (which are easy to remember), in a way that is only rivaled by QuickSilver or Launchbar.

If you get it, make sure you install the DueDate script. It extends TaskPaper so it can handle deadlines and recurring tasks without loosing its simplicity.

I picked it up during the sale and am satisfied. I like the plaintext aspect, and the themes and scripts are helpful. Brett Terpstra put together some useful scripts, but fair warning—as soon as I added them to the directory TaskPaper started crashing.

Scrivener is going to get its very own context tag for projects to be done there. I’m also tempted to change the font to Optima…

The two scripts I found useful are: Due Date, which scans tasks and marks them @today @overdue @upcoming depending on the date of @due; and Send to Taskpaper, which sends a summary of the selected email to Taskapaper, including a link to the original message.