Mac To Windows migration questions

As the title says, I’m migrating from Scrivener Mac to Scrivener Windows. My mac went belly up,so I can’t use it to make adjustments to the project before migrating. I know that comments aren’t implemented in Windows yet, so obviously they’re not showing up when I load the project. The questions I have are as follows.

1- Is there a way for me to access the comments text from windows? Is it in a specific file? I’m fairly tech savvy so poking around won’t be an issue. I just need access to the text.

2- Will loading up a Mac created Scrivener project and saving it in Windows destroy the comments in that project or are they still there and just inaccessible by Scrivener?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Comments (among other things) are stored in the .links file associated with a given document. For example, if the main document is 6.rtf, then the comments can be found in 6.links. The .links file is an XML file that you should be able to open in a standard text editor (like Notepad). Try not to make any modifications to this file when you open it, as that could render it useless later on.

Opening the Scrivener file in Windows will not destroy the existing comments. They will just be ignored by the Windows version of the program. Reopening the file on OS X should reveal the comments right where you left them (although if the content of the file has changed significantly in the interim, the comments might shift).

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Awesome. Exactly what I was hoping for.