Mac to Windows transfer

I’ve been using the Mac version of scrivener for a while. I recently got a PC that I want to use in addition to my Macbook. I downloaded the trial version of scrivener and tried to transfer my files via dropbox. The files showed up as folders, even though they have the .scriv extension. Scrivener reads them as folders when I try to open them through the program as well.

Not sure what to do about this. I tried erasing the files and downloading them again, but that didn’t work. Any help?

Projects on Scrivener for Windows are a collection of files while on Mac they have a method of masking that collection of files as a single file. So you should be seeing a collection of folders and files within those folders when you’re moving it over to a Windows computer. It’s not an error. It’s just a difference in how the different systems handle things.

Apologies if my explanation is a bit muddled. MM or Amber can give a more technical explanation for this.

As Spitfire said, it’s just the way the different systems display the file. In all cases, your project is a folder full of multiple folders and files, but when given the extension .scriv, this appears as a single file on a Mac whereas on Windows it’s just a folder with an extension. So you did everything right, but to open the project on Windows you need to navigate into the .scriv folder and click on the .scrivx file inside. If you move the project back to the Mac, make sure you move the entire .scriv folder as you did the first time, not just the .scrivx, since the whole folder of files is necessary to make up the project.