Mac user & Windows User working from the same manuscript?

I would like to purchasing Scrivener… I have one question though.

I’m currently writing a novel with someone, I work on a iMac-Sierra, and she’s on a PC-Windows… if the manuscript we’re working on is saved to my Cloud account, could we both work off the same Scrivener document?

Thanks in advance!

Been doing it for years with a Windows using collaborator in China.

  1. Make sure you’ve read the article about cloud sync’ing in the support area, and make sure you’re using a cloud service that’s not going to screw up the project … e.g. Google Drive is out for that reason, but Dropbox is good;
  2. You’ll have to schedule your times as you can’t both have the project open at the same time—for me it’s pretty easy with the 8 hour time difference between the UK and China, but that may not be your situation;
  3. Every time you each finish a session on a document, take a named snapshot marking the snapshot as yours … take one before you start working on a document if you find your collaborator has forgotten to take one when s/he finished working;
  4. Remember to close the project completely each time you’ve finished working … the other won’t be able to open it if you’ve still got it open.

If you remember those things, you shouldn’t have problems. :slight_smile:


if by Cloud you mean iCloud, be advised that iCloud is not recommended for hosting Scrivener projects.

As xiamenese mentioned, DropBox is good.

I appreciate the response.
That’s good news then, we’ll be getting Scrivener.

Thanks for that.
I’ve had other issues with iCloud and some apps at work and no longer use it. I will use Dropbox for Scrivener.