Mac V2.7 & Win V1.9 - syncing between

I’ve read several comments and reports of what could be cumbersome, if not serious problems regarding the changed internal file formats of Scrivener data with the latest releases of the software. Since I currently use Mac V2.6 and Win V1.8, and sync Scrivener projects between the two on a constant basis, I would appreciate a definitive statement regarding the new file formats. Specifically: If I upgrade to V2.7 on my Mac, will I still be able to successfully sync to a Windows computer running Win V1.8? And, conversely, if I upgrade to Win V1.9, will I still be able to sync successfully to a Mac running V2.6? Or, am I required to update both versions concurrently to ensure the ability to continue syncing projects between my Mac and my Windows Laptop?

Thanks in advance for any info that will clarify this.

Dick Keaton

BTW, I apologize if this has already been addressed and I have missed it.

Also, if concurrent upgrading is a requirement, a detailed procedure, explaining all the appropriate steps and the correct sequence would be much appreciated.

Thanks again.

Yes, you will need upgrade them both together if you wish to continue syncing them together. When you install one or the other, the project will be updated on that computer and then from that point on older versions of Scrivener will refuse to open it, giving you a chance to update that computer so it can.

There isn’t much to do though, it’s as simple as any other update. You can either download the installers or run the update feature from within the software using the respective methods for each platform.

For more detail, refer to the user manual PDF (Mac page numbers):

  • §4.3, Application Updates, pg. 25.
  • §7.9, Project Format Upgrades, pg. 60.