Mac Version Forgets changes and "learn spelling"

I am bit crazy about now. Ian editing my novel, that was Imported from a backup Word For Mac document. Now, when I use “learn spelling” and close the document - later open it and most, but not all of the “learn spellings” have changed and the words are underlined with the green dashed line. I read all of the tutorials document and do not wish to make many changes lest I lose a bunch of work. Hopefully this is an easy solution.
I appreciate any assistance someone might offer.

Hi, DaveOwens, and welcome to the forum!

Scrivener uses the Mac Spelling&Grammar engine. Unless you’ve changed the default colours used by the application, a green underline warns about a grammar mistake, not spelling, so “Learn spelling” will not help you with that. A red underline signals a spelling mistake instead.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, I wrote that wrong.

When I imported a Word for Mac document the other problem I have is that scrivener lost all of or forgot the italicized words. The particular work I am doing uses quite a lot of italicized words.

I have some names that are unusual and do not fit in with an dictionary. When I instruct Scrivener to “Learn” the spelling it sometimes forgets. Oh yes. I do save the work, but when reopening it happens.

Thanks in advance.

Did you click “Ignore Spelling” on accident a few times? That will remove the underline temporarily, but when you reload the document it will forget these. Otherwise, as mentioned above, all of this is being driven by the Mac, including the contextual menu items. I would expect you would see the same thing if you tried this in TextEdit.

Check to make sure the font you are using supports italics. The Mac text engine is stricter about typography than some word processors (which will take to crudely slanting characters if there is no italic form for the font). If a font doesn’t have a specific italic or oblique variant, the engine will just refuse to do anything with it.

Another possibility could be in how the font is described. Word uses its own universe for referring to fonts, and sometimes that doesn’t match up with how a Mac refers to fonts, particularly if those fonts have lots of unusual variants (like medium and semi-bold). So maybe the text is just mapping to the wrong font type, one which doesn’t have an italic version, or from a place where it cannot find one automatically.

Either way, I would try creating a duplicate copy of your Word document, changing the font to something else and see if that works better.

I have a related problem, with native Scrivener documents: it forgets learn spelling every time I start a new subchapter. Since I’m writing a novel with a lot of weird names and foreign words, this is insanely irritating. I don’t want to switch off autocorrect, since I make a lot of typos, but I’m getting really tired of having to teach it the same name every time I start a new page. This is Scrivener 2.6 for Mac. Please help!

Have you tried testing in TextEdit as suggested above? I would create a simple RTF file with a proper noun, learn it, close the file and then open it again and see if the markings come back. Do note that TextEdit will probably not apply markings to pre-typed text automatically. Use the standard spell check window to verify if the learned word has remained so (it should just skip right over it). Make sure to use the same test text and menu commands in both Scrivener and TextEdit, when comparing them.

You can also examine the Mac’s spell check file directly, by opening the language file in your ~/Library/Spelling folder. When you use the “Learn” function, all the Mac does is drop that word into a new line in this file. Thus if it cannot update this file for whatever reason, that is the source of your problem right there.

I see the same bug. I’m not importing or converting anything, and it’s unrelated to formatting. It just randomly forgets learned spellings—not all at once. I don’t see this bug in any other Mac apps like Pages or TextEdit. When I select “Learn Spelling” in Scrivener, it does work immediately in all documents, and it usually remembers the next several times I quit and open projects, but eventually it just forgets.