Mac>Win annotation oddness and "pre-highlighting"

I have just for the first time tried opening one of my Mac-created projects in the Windows beta (previously, I’ve just played with the Windows beta without involving existing projects from my Mac), and I found what seems to be some oddness with annotations. I did I quick search of the forum, and if there is anything similar than, well, I’ve missed it.

Anyway, I find annotations from the Mac-created project appearing in the Windows beta like this:

{\Scrv_annot \color={\R=1.000000\G=0.000000\B=0.000000} \text=Actual text of the annotation from my draft appears here.

Is this a known issue?

Also, as an aside, quite a lot of text seemed to be “pre-highlighted” when I opened the Mac-created project in Windows, though I could not discern any particular pattern to the appearance of this “pre-highlighting”. When I clicked into a panel containing any “pre-highlighted” text, the highlighting of course goes away in that panel (though if I change to another text doc, it might well still have this “pre-highlighting”. It doesn’t seem particularly harmful, though it is weird.

The annotation/footnote issue is getting worked on, yes. Also note that at the moment, inspector comments and footnotes from the Mac don’t come into the Windows version at all. This will be fixed by release, although even then inspector notes will be converted to inline notes when you bring a project to Windows, since Windows doesn’t yet support the inspector comments. So if you’re doing a lot of back and forth you’ll want to stick with inline everywhere for now.

Re: the highlighting, do you mean an actual color highlight or that text is selected? If you’ve selected text within the editor and then switched to another document, Scrivener will remember that selection next time you open the document. That’s the same on the Mac. Is that what’s happening here, or are you getting selections appearing where you absolutely did not have any text selected when you switched out of the document?

OK, got it – thanks!

Sorry, yes, I mean text selection – not some sort of font coloring thing. But also, no, I did not have any text selected when I last saved and shut down on Mac version, but various pieces of text scattered through the project appeared as selected when I opened in Windows. Disconcerting and mystifying, but (barring the cat leaping on the delete key while text remained selected) not producing any dreadful effect. Also, I can now confirm that having opened the same doc on a Mac again, there is no text pre-selected on the Mac. When I next run back to the Windows machine, I’ll see whether I continue to get mysterious text selection (and whether the text I deselected last time on the Win beta has remained deselected, or whether it has come back).