Mac/Win versions are not synching correctly

I am trying the trial versions of Scapple Mac at home and Scapple Win at work. I am saving the file to dropbox, making sure the app is closed and then attempting to open in the other OS.

Either way I do it, formatting is not recognized, words are split and appear on separate lines, and a newly edited entry with a border and colored box are not recognized from one OS to the other.

I am willing to by both for each OS, but not if they are not seamless.

Again, I am absolutely sure that Dropbox updated the file and that Scapple was closed on both OS before loading.

Any suggestions?

Some fonts may cause layout issues when switching platforms. That’s down to differences in how the two platforms render fonts—we’ve done what we can to minimise that, but there will always be exceptions given how much variety fonts insert into the equation.

That said you shouldn’t have a problem with appearance options like background fills and border styles being lost. Does that happen consistently, and if so with which settings?

I came here to ask this very same question.

I just opened up a file on my PC, that I created on my Mac. I saw some spacing and hard return issues. My first thought was incompatible fonts.

In you experience do you know, or recommend a font, that can work between the two platforms as seamlessly as possible.

I would be more than happy to share any information on my settings to help figure out a good workflow between the two systems.