Mac & Windows Beta Compatibility Issues??

I’m new to the Scrivener world, and just downloaded the Windows beta version last week in anticipation for Nanowrimo. I use a Windows Vista laptop for probably 80% of my writing at home and on the go. However, I use a Mac at work running on PowerPC processor, and I downloaded the 2.0 trial, to be able to write over lunch breaks. I thought I’d be able to write on the Windows Beta from my laptop, save my project to Dropbox, and then open that project on the Mac. However, when I open the project file on the Mac, I get the following message: “An exception was thrown while trying to open the project ‘nanowrimo2010.scriv’. The project date may have become corrupted. Try restoring from a backup, or create a new project and use File>Import>Scrivener Project to retrieve work from this project (structure information may be lost).” And then the program proceeds to close and prompts me to send a crash report to Apple.

This is the second day I have attempted to open the project. After receiving this message yesterday, I went home and opened the project without difficulty on the Windows laptop. I promptly made a second copy of the project, renaming it (thinking that it might be the issue). And so today I have gotten this same message.

I did attempt to use the File > Import > Scrivener Project instructions, however “Scrivener Project” isn’t an option in the Mac version when I follow this.

I was wondering if there is a process or step that I’m missing, or if I’m just not going about this the right way to begin with.

Advice is appreciated. :slight_smile:



This sounds like a bug with the Windows version where it isn’t saving the project properly, so that the Mac version doesn’t like it. The Windows version is still in very, very early beta and there are many bugs - I would recommend being careful about moving data between the two versions until the Windows version is much more stable. Please send me a sample project that exhibits the problem though so that I can pass on the pertinent information to Lee.

Thank you Keith for replying. I’m glad to know it’s not something I’m doing (or not doing). :slight_smile:
I will just stick to the Beta version for now then and backing up my files.
Where should I send this sample project?



Hi, please zip it up and send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com and put “for attention of Keith” in the subject line.